Monday, April 21, 2008

Utah Trip and Marathon

SLC Marathon

After the run.
We did it! YEAH! This last weekend we went up to Utah with my parents to run in the Salt Lake City Marathon. It has been so much work and dedication to prepare for the run. We have never done something so difficult physically in our life. Porter said he was about to cry. haha. Anyway, our trip was a blast. Porter was a great sport and listened to me talk about my childhood and show him around all of Orem all weekend. It was so fun to show him that part of my life. We visited so many of our cousins and were able to do a lot of fun things along with run the marathon with Kendra our sister-in-law. Check out our slide show to get the full experience! :) There were 15,000 people competing in different races that day. And a total of 1243 people in the full marathon. Porter and I were pretty happy with how we did for being rookies. We ran together for the first 16 miles but when Porter started to not feel well he told me to go ahead. Our goal was to come in around 4 hours. I came in at 3:50 and Porter at 4:10 so we were pretty excited although we were to the point of exhaustion by the end so we really didn't care. I don't know if we will ever attempt another one but maybe in a few years when we forget how hard it was. Overall it was a really cool experience. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa for taking care of us and making the trip so much fun! We love you guys! Check it out at

We love MISTI!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISTI LYNN!! April 22nd is Misti's B-day. We hope you have a fabulous day Misti. You are such a great friend, sister, and sister-in-law. We don't know what we would do without you in our family. We love you!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The ZOO!

Behaving like a bunch of animals

This weekend was busy. Full of family, eating, the Phoenix Zoo, cook-outs, and of course Conference. We had so much fun spending time with our family. There is nothing better in the world! Conference was wonderful as usual. We missed President Hinckley, it is weird for him tnot to be there, but President Monson is such an amazing man as well. We love to hear him speak and know he is choosen of God. Here is a slideshow of some fun pictures of Taylor showing us his mission clothes and the zoo.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

One foot in front of the other!

This last weekend we were excited to go to Snowflake to see family. We havn't been for almost 3 months, I think that is a record! We love our families so much and always can't wait to go visit again. (Thanks for taking care of us Mom's!) Unfortunately, on Saturday morning we had to do our longggg 20 miler for our training so we were pretty much shot the rest of the weekend. (This is why there are no pictures. I think my finger was even too tired to take a pic! haha) It was quite the event. My father-in-law and Gunner followed us on their four wheeler with supplies while we ran from Snowflake to Woodruff. So many times when we would catch up to Mark and Gunner they would be doing something that looked just like a Dumb and Dumber scene. I guess you would had to be there but they kept us entertained. Anyway, we are soo happy we are finished with our hardest training week! Only 2 1/2 more weeks to go!!!!!!! YEAH!

I Hope They Call me on a Mission!

My LITTLE bro. received his mission call!!! CRAZY!!! Taylor will serve in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He leaves on July 16th. I can't believe he is already old enough to serve a mission. We are so jealous that he gets to spend 2 years in Vancouver, it is soooo beautiful!!! Taylor, we are so excited for you. Thanks for being such a great example we love you and know you will be a great missionary!
While Taylor is there this Temple will be finished which was just started in Feb of this year. Also the 2010 Winter Oympics will be in Vancouver! Cool!