Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Porter putting together my B-day gift. He looks pretty excited for it himself if you ask me! :) He got me an eliptical and I love it!!! Thanks babe. (nothing like getting my nicest gift when we are in school and have no income :) oh well :)
 I signed Mallory up for the Lowes workshops on Saturdays. This past Saturday she made this cute wooden ambulance with a siren and all. She loved the apron and goggles she got! And it was all free which I liked!!!
 We made a "Jar-o-lanter". Mallory is getting soooo excited for Halloween and I feel like a kid again doing little crafts with her. The joys of have having a fun little kiddo around.
Mallory loves her new "big" bathtub. She thinks it is is huge for some reason.. haha.
 Football player by day...
 Ballerina by night.

 We went to the show at the planetarium here at Porter's school. It was pretty neat. Mallory was impressed. :)
 She is a cheeseball! Such a fun girl to be around.
Well, it seems like more things are thrown at us everyday to keep us busy. I know these next few months before our new little one arrives will be precious time for us to spend with our sweet Mallory. She is really growing up and can't wait to be a big sister. I hope she transitions smoothly... It is just so weird to think of sharing time between two little ones when we are so used to giving 100% to Malli. I think it will be good for her though... Anyway, we are super excited to have another little girl to bring us lots of laughs and memories. (And I am ready to get her out of me :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

3D ultrasound at 27 weeks

We were able to get a 3D ultrasound of our sweet baby girl. Here are a few pictures of her face, hand and foot. Pretty amazing. It seemed so weird to see her and realize that there is a real little girl growing inside of me! We love her so much already!