Thursday, December 27, 2007

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We had a wonderful Christams. Thank you to everyone for everything and for such a great time! Porter was a pretty handsome Santa!


Congrats Babe!
Porter Caldwell set Arizona
high school records before
going on a 2-year church mission to Chile.

ALAMOSA, Colo.— Adams State College men’s basketball coach Mark Murdock announced that Porter Caldwell, formerly of Snowflake (Ariz.) High School, has signed a letter of intent to play for the Grizzlies starting next year.
Caldwell, a 6-foot-1, 185 pound guard averaged 27 points per game as a SHS senior and 24 points as a junior for the Lobos in 2003 before going on a 2-year church mission to Chile. Upon his return, Caldwell has attended Scottsdale Community College and now Arizona State University but did not play basketball at either.
He will have three seasons of eligibility at ASC.
While in high school, Caldwell set the Arizona Class 3A state records, which still remain intact, for single-season and career scoring as he tallied 958 points in 2003 to cap his 2,484-point career. He also still holds the all-classification record for career 3-pointers (153).
A 3-time all-conference selection for coach Shane Brimhall’s Lobos, Caldwell was named to the all-state team while earning conference MVP honors in 2003. He was also a 2-time all-conference football player earning 3A East Conference MVP honors in 2001.
Caldwell, who is married to Domini, plans to major in biology with a minor in agri-business.
He is the middle of five children born to Mark and Marsha Caldwell. Sister Misti, 20, is currently playing basketball at Eastern Arizona College.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Merry Christmas

We hope you all have a happy and safe Christmas. This is such a special time of year to remember our Savior and his birth. We can't wait to go to Snowflake to spend time with family. Love you all! Take care.

Monday, December 17, 2007

We've been taggest - 6 facts about us!

Well we are not too interesting but here goes...
1) We have been married for 2 years and 4 months and cannot believe how fast time a flown by! I waited for Porter when he was on his mission and 2 months after he returned we were married in the Snowflake Temple. We love being married and are so blessed to be sealed forever!
2) A little about Porter... He loves to be active and outdoors so his pool cleaning job and schooling in horticulture are perfect for him. Porter seems like he is quiet until you get to know him. Just ask my family, they thought he was quite until after our first Christmas together when we were on vacation in Hawaii and we shared a minivan all week. By the third day he was singing the highest-pitched songs at the top of his lungs for hours. That was definitely some family bonding time. Oh.. he is also very talented (if you ask me). He is a pro at most sports. "Lucky"
3) A little about Domini... Well after thinking that I didn't have a hobby (that is once Porter got home from his mission, because then letter writing and packages were my hobby) I tried to find my real hobby. Porter and I took up Tennis for a few months off and on. I tried real hard to get a passion for it but it never quite came. HAHA. I guess when I really face the facts I just love to dance, cook and try to make things nutritious but still taste good! (Oh, and I am a bit of a clean freak too...Germs freak me out!)
4) We are super cheap! When the weekend rolls around the place we go to eat depends on what coupons I have collected that week. It is actually kind of fun to see home much we can get for little money. We get to try new restaurants this way too! I clip the good ol' coupons, price match at wal-mart, wash the car the old fashioned way, etc. (We sound like a lot of fun to hang out with huh! haha j/k)
5) We love to spend time together. Everyday we go for a run and try to do exercises in our home gym we have created. Porter pulls one of the cars out of the garage and we set up some weights, get out a jump rope and all sorts of interesting equipment we have collected at the secondhand store. (Again, we are too cheap to buy a gym membership. For a while we went from gym to gym with the 1 month free pass but we ran out of options! :) )

Well.. now you all know how weird we are I tag Kiara Vowell, Heidi Broadbent, and Amber Jarvis.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving in Snowflake

Britt, Grandma and Bryn
Me and Porter
The fam... doing what we do best! Preparing to eat again!
Porter gettings his envelope off the money tree! He looks pleased with his choice!

Well... it has been over a week now and I am just getting to posting some pictures of Thanksgiving. We had a blast seeing so many of our family members in Snowflake for Thanksgiving. We ate dinner at Porter's Aunt Joyce's house and it was delicious. Grandma and Gramps Dayton came down from Utah and we got to have a little family Christmas party with them too! It is never too early to celebrate Christmas right! We had a blast and are so thankful for all that we have been blessed with this year!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

House For Sale!

Anybody, anybody! Well, our house needs to go... so we can go to Colorado! We will probably will be leaving in May but now there is a possibility of going next month in December! So...spread the word if you know of anyone that is looking. It is 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath, has a huge community pool, kid pool, hot tub, playground etc. Here are some pics. If anyone has more questions let me know! We are also thinking of renting if we can't sell in time.


Britt, thanks for tagging me to list 10 things I am thankful for. I am so blessed and thankful for so many things but with the chaos of life sometimes it is hard to stop and think of all the blessings. There are too many to list but here goes...

My Savior! The Saviors atonement for each one of us is such a blessing. I feel so blessed to be forgiven and to have his Spirit.

My husband! Porter is such a great husband. He is so positive about everything and helps be realize how important it is to relax sometime. He has such a fun loving sense of humor. I am lucky to be with him forever!

My Family! Both sides of our families are sooooo supportive. We have some much fun with family and we know we could call on anyone of them for help whenever. Then again, we never have to call if we need something, I swear my sister and Mom know me so well that they just seem to know to call me when I am having a bad day or something. Family is priceless.

Church! Everything taught through the church makes life so much easier. Prayer is such a comfort. I am also so grateful for the promptings of the Holy Ghost. The scriptures help us so much. And ultimately, I feel so lucky to know who I am and why I am here and what I goal I am working to achieve in this life. I can't imagine feeling lost in this crazy world.

Work! We are both been so blessed with great jobs and have been helped by family to find some of those jobs. This is so comforting.

Schooling! I am so blessed to get to study at ASU and now so blessed for the opportunities each day to learn more and grow. Porter is also able to go to school.

HEALTH! This is huge! We are so blessed to have good health. I look up to those good friends and family who have ailments and fight through them with such strength that I can't even comprehend.

Food, Clothing, and Shelter! Sometimes this blessing goes unnoticed to me but it is definitely something many go without. We are so grateful for all that we have!

Temple Blessings! The Temple is a beautiful blessing. We love to go feel the Spirit there and are so grateful we are lucky enough to be raised up in this church and be sealed in the Tempe for time and all eternity!

Love! I am so grateful for LOVE. Many in this world don't feel loved but we are blessed with love from family, friends and each other!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well, Porter SIGNED with the Adams State Grizzlies. We hope all will work out! YEAH! GOOOOO GRIZZLIES!!!!!!!!! (and I get to cheer again :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Our trip to Alamosa. GO GRIZZLIES!

So, the trip was a lot of fun. We really liked the feel of the small town and school. It reminded us of Snowflake! We would be there in a minute I think if it wern't for the house. Yikes! Too bad the market is so bad right now. Anyway, the coaches showed us around for 2 days and they put Porter through quite the workout. He was about to die. I thought he was in pretty good shape but it is the second highest elevated gym in the nation at 7,500 feet and he sure was feeling it! He did really well though. Anyway, they offered him a good scholarship and now the coach is giving us a few days to decide! We really like the town, people, school, and the coaches are awesome but there are just so many other factors to think about too! Whether we are ready or not we will be making a decision in the next few days. STRESS!!! I guess we are just so lucky to have opportunities to choose from. (Thanks again Aaron for putting the bug in Coach Murdock's ear. And according to Coach Murdock you should be in the NBA right now!)

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hey! Britt reminded me about my nutrition website I made when I was in school. Check it our if you need some recipe ideas.

Domini's Fun Food Helps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Excited but unsure! Basketball??

Thanks to our Bro.-in-Law Aaron, putting a good word in for Porter with one of his old B-ball coaches, who is now coaching in Colorado, Porter may have a chance to play college ball yet! We thought that chances were over for him, being out of high school for four and a half years now but I guess you never know what life can throw at you! He thought of playing at NAU but with us getting married and me being at ASU he passed up the opportunity, and now it is back and we just don't know what to do. The recruiting coach came here and watched Porter play in a church with some guys from the ward and they want to sign him! I bet they never thought they would be recruiting from a church ball game. haha. Anyway, we are flying up to Colorado next week to have the coach show us around and to check it out. It is a smaller school, 2 division, in Alamosa Colorado. We hear it is freeeeezing there but pretty. We will post how the big visit went. We are just having faith that whatever will be best for us happens. Who would have thought!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Picnic & B-ball

Well, we havn't done anything too exciting lately. We did get to go to the park with Britt, Aaron and Bryn, I had to post this picture. The sunset was beautiful! We are loving the cooler weather.
Brynlie! Yeee Haaa!
We also got to go watch Misti's first Ball tournament of the season this weekend. She did really well. It was fun to see family!

Porter "Grace" Caldwell

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Isn't Porter Graceful!! I bet you didn't know he had moves like this. I love you babe! :) Don't be mad!! hehe.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

23 years, YIKES!

I got a B-day Kiss!

I wanted to thank my Fam and Friends for a wonderful B-day. Here are a few pics. Yesterday was filled with work and school so we didn't get many exciting pics but it was still a great day!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Swimming at the house. Dad with his usual clown face of sunscreen. Gotta protect those lips!

Texas Roadhouse! I even had to ride to bull. (not sharing those pics though) haha.


This weekend was a blast. Mom and Dad came down and we celebrated MY B-day all weekend. We went to Texas Roadhouse on Friday and got frozen yogurt from one of my new favorite places, The Golden Spoon. Then we swam and played all day Saturday. (And thanks for making us a fabulous Sunday dinner today Britt and Aaron!) I have the best family ever! I feel so spoiled and it is not even my B-day yet.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun Times!

Well, this has been a crazy fun week! Thursday we went out to dinner with Callie, Joe, Chelsea, Kiara, Cody, and Garret. Thanks to Callie for always arranging fun get togethers. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the ol' gang again.

Then Friday night we went to Britt, Aaron and Brynlie's and had a wild game of powerpad Olympics, dance dance revolution, and we broke out some of our childhood Nintendo games. I forgot how addicting that can be. Here are some fun pics! By the end of the night our legs were sore.

On Saturday Misti and Stratton came down to stay with us for the weekend. I got some free ASU football tickets from my work so they came down to hang out for the weekend and enjoy the highest seats in the ASU stadium! No joke, I think we almost got hit by a few planes, but it was a lot of fun.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

2 Year Anniversary!

Wow! 2 Years have flow by! We went camping last weekend to celebrate and then to Oreganos on Monday. We realized camping is a lot of work but it was a blast! Here is a pic of us at Oreganos.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mexican Riviera Cruise May 13-19, 2007

Thanks to my Parents and their amazing graduation gift, Porter and I were able to go on a 7 day cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallerta, and Matzatlan! We had a blast. Here are a few of the fun things were got to do. Thanks Mom and Dad! WE LOVE YOU!

ASU Graduation!

At last! On May 10, 2007 I graduated from ASU!!! YEAH!!!! What a relief!

Married August 13, 2005

We can't believe it! In a week we will have been married for two whole years. The past two years have been a blast and flown by! After having a crush on Porter from the time I was in 6th grade, being married to Porter had been better than I had even dreamed of. Porter has always made me laugh but most of all, he has taught me to become more laid back. He is the most optimistic person I have ever met. Over the past 2 years it seems that there is always a car repair, someone hitting our car, a broken toilet, door, window, and the list goes on and on and on. But Porter is never phased. He can always cheer me up with his
unforgettable voice and his made up guitar songs. With him I have no doubt that we will have many more eventful days!!!!! HAHA!