Friday, March 25, 2011

Breastfeeding soapbox

Well, it seems every spare second I have in the day, while Mallory is sleeping, I am studying about lactation for my big exam to become a consultant coming up in July. I figured I should blog about it since I stay awake at night thinking about what I learned that day or even dream about test questions. To say the least, this is what has been consuming me lately. I never thought I would be a "breastfeeding freak" haha but I am. It is soooo darn amazing and I am not embarrassed to say that I still nurse Mallory. I was just getting close to weaning her at 15 months when I started pulling out my old books and reviewing material from previous breastfeeding courses I took while working at WIC to start studying for the exam. After re-reading and learning about the benefits of breastfeeding for toddlers I was so amazed and recommitted to nursing Mallory longer. If you are thinking, how much could there be to study about breastfeeding? Well...there is so darn much to learn, even the leading scientists have not scratched the surface. I feel a bit overwhelmed to know all that I need to for the exam but am so grateful to have had the knowledge I have started to gain about lactation thrown in my path. I had not thought of becoming a lactation consultant until I started working at WIC and worked with so many wonderful breastfeeding advocates and I had so many great opportunities to attend amazing trainings! I am really excited about becoming a consultant and hope I will be able to put in the time to learn all I need to in order to pass. These next few months will be busy with work, a Flordia trip, and moving to another state for Porter to start school. Wish me luck.
p.s. If any of you have questions about breastfeeding please call me! I love to help and it helps me get better prepared for the test. There are soooo many darn issues and situations with breastfeeding... don't feel "unusual" if you are struggling. Breastfeeding does not come naturally.. it takes a lot of work and help from others providing helpful information....
p.s.s. don't feel guilty if you didn't breastfeed long. It is super hard at first and there are different things we all face. Just feel happy you tried and your baby got that most important early milk. :)
Okay. .... I know... that is enough! Have a good day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

2011 Family Pictures

Click here to view our new family pictures.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Our lives have been a bit of a whirlwind lately. We have been so blessed to be so busy with work, school, interviews for  physical therapy schools, and a beautiful little girl keeping us on our toes. The past 5 weeks have included trips to San Angelo Texas, Provo Utah, and El Paso Texas, and Flagstaff for interviews. Verdict: Accepted at Midwestern in Glendale, Accepted at Rocky Mountain in Provo, Accepted at UTEP in El Paso, on the Alternate list for Angelo State in San Angelo, and Denied at Flagstaff :(
So, our top choice, Flagstaff was the only school to not accept Porter :( It is super competitive there and I am just so proud of Porter for getting an interview their. I have really felt that it must not be meant for us to go their. We have been weighing the pros and cons of all of the other schools. As of now it seems we are leaning towards Provo. Big dicisions coming the next few months. Most of the schools start in May so we will be leaving Snowflake so soon. I can't believe how fast this year has flow. We have been so blessed and we are so grateful for family helping us out so much.
Here are a few random pictures of "life" over the past few weeks.

Mallory. We love you!
Porter had the day off on Valentines day. We had a nice day picnicing outside.
Mom and Dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! What great examples they are to me! Love you guys. (Mallory had so much fun serving them a candle lite dinner.
When we went to Utah we had fun visiting cousins and family.
Our sweet baby girl.
She is one good Dr. (a very serious one too)
So... you know we must be sisters when we get ourselves dressed in the morning and our little girls and we all match. No kidding! We had no idea we had matching clothes let alone what each other were going to wear! Love you sis! Don't know how Mallory and I will live without you and Bryn when we move.

Mallory's first time bowling. She loved it.
Yes, yes, that is a strike you see with my name! :)
What a good grandma. The kids loved playing "Troll". Silly.
Grandpa's attempt at the troll game was pretty successful too :) Love ya Dad.
Mallory is in LOVE with Brynlie. Thanks for being such a good big cousin Bryn. Malli shourd does look up to her.
Ice cream with Cooper and Brewer, Aunt Marti, and Grandma Marsha. "Allejlue!!!" (mallory's language when she gets ice cream)
And "crunch time" working off all that ice cream :) Mallory loves to lay on the floor with all of us each night to do our crunches. She follows the video and acts like it is a breeze compared to us. haha.