Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a really good Easter. Mallory can tell us the whole resurrection story and is quite amazed by it. She asks to watch the youtube video I found about Christ and his resurrection multiple times a day and loves it. She also enjoyed the part of Easter that brought sweets, gifts, bunny's, and egg hunts.
Kaisley is 4 months old now and 15.5 pounds. She is growing way too fast despite being so sick all the time. About 5 days ago she started with her 4th sickness (2 of the previous were tested as RSV and I am thinking this might be RSV again but the dr. did not test this time.) My poor baby has been sick most of her life. It breaks my heart. We took her to the doc and he said she is wheezing really bad and that this is the 3rd sickness she has had with wheezing which means she has asthma. So, he diagnosed her with asthma. I hope he is wrong but listening to her breathe right now makes me think he is probably right. I just hope it won't be too severe or limit her much. We love that girl to death and just want her to be able to enjoy life.
Anyway, here are a few pics of our Easter events.
 Making bird nests and eggs. She is quite proud :)

 At the park. Malli took this quite seriously.
Just before the egg hunt we had with some friends. Malli had a good time playing at the park and then hunting of the eggs in the dark with her flashlight.
At the park just before the egg hunt.
 Ready to get hunting!
 Kaisley had these pants with a little bunny tail on them and Mallory needed a tail too. I pinned a cotton ball to her rear and she loved it! ha. Kids love the craziest things.
Mallory was so excited that the bunny made it!
 Headed out the door for church on Easter morning. Here is our attempt at a few quick family pictures. (neither of which worked with us all looking).

Fun pics of the girls in their matching Easter clothes. Kaisley was 4 months old on Easter. (and just starting sickness number 4 too!) urg....

I love them laughing at each other in this one. Fun girls!