Monday, August 20, 2012

Snowflake Summer, last post :(

We have been busy these past few weeks. Now it is time to get ready to head home to Texas. But first we get to fly up to Idaho with my family for Taylor and Natalie's wedding! We leave this Thursday for Mesa, fly out on Friday morning and they get married on Saturday! We are so happy for them. They are too cute! Then we head straight back to Texas. We are finally going home and are actually really ready to get back to our life in San Angelo. This summer was great though, and we had tons of fun with family and friends. Here are a few pictures of our last few weeks here.
The cupcakes I made for Kambree's baby blessing.
Fun at bounce-u for Brynlie's b-day party. The adult had just as much fun as the kids sliding and playing. Thank for the good time Bonds!
Our friend edited this picture of the girls that I took just before Kambree's blessing. She got these dresses for my girls. Thanks Morgan!

The 3 oldest grandkids all ready for Kambree's blessing
These 2 really love each other. They are so cute together. Too bad they are cousins :)

After Kambree's blessing.

I made watermelon cakes for all of the ladies in the family this summer :) Actually pretty tasty and healthy. Mom's turned into a boob cake. haha

Marti's cake! Happy b-day!

We attempted golfing as a family. It was fun but ended up with mainly only Porter golfing. We would have been there all day if I had not given up after a few holes. ha.

The girls out camping this weekend. Dayton family campout was so much fun!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pioneer Days Weekend 2012

The past week was so much fun that it TOTALLY wore us out. We started off the week bringing home little Brynlie (my niece) from Mesa to play for 5 days until the Bonds got here for the big Pioneer day celebration. The girls had a blast together going to the park, the pond, playing, making crafts, going shopping, etc. The fun finally ended on day 5 when they decided they knew how to fight. Thank goodness Britt's family got here that day to help me keep the kiddos in line. Overall they did great though and we really enjoyed spending time with Brynlie. She is Mallory's BFF Malli tells me :) Then once the Bonds got here the boys went camping and fishing while the girls worked on Mom's 50th b-day party. The party turned out nice and I think Mom enjoyed being taken care of and told home much we love and appreciate her... doesn't happen as often as it always should. Friday the Pioneer day events started up. We hit the arts and crafts show, rodeo, 10k race, car show, pioneer homes, parade, pond, fireworks, and ball games. We also had lots of fun gatherings with both sides of our families. Monty and Kendra were in town and it was Misti and Stratton's last weekend before moving to Chicago for school so we had to live the weekend to the fullest. Here are some pics.
Sporting out sweet awards after the 10k run. Porter got 3rd in his age. I got 1st in my age and 2nd overall in women. This is probably a huge factor in us being exhausted by the end of the weekend. :)
The girls at the park.
Dayton grand-girls :)
My sweet ladies.
Kaisley with Great Grandpa Miller
The b-day girl with her cake. Happy 50th (in 2 weeks).
The kiddos wanted to be right by Grandma at the party.
Blowing out the candles with her helpers :)
The kids sang a song to Mom "Grandma we love you, Grandma we do...."
Watching Mom's slideshow.
The girls had their faces painted at the craft fair. Oh, and they were on the front cover of the newspaper this week while getting them painted... Maybe they are as cute as we think they are if they are making the cover page :)
At the parade
Kaisley "wowed" at the parade. ha
The Dayton bunch
Another one
Dayton Grandkids minus Kambree
The new Caldwell babies. Kaisley (7 months), Dash (6 months), Reece (3.5 months)
Caldwell grandkids watching movies in Grandma's room
Malli and Brynlie were tied up after too much fighting... ha
Dayton and Mallory were dancing like pros. It was so cute!
My little sumo wrestler
Caldwell grandkids with Grandma and Papa.
The siblings with Mom and Dad Caldwell

Ummm.... am I a lucky girl or what???? Looking good Porter :)
Another one with the grandkids.
And, the whole Caldwell gang... (I think Porter belongs with us all even though he doesn't seem to want in on the pic... ha)