Wednesday, May 30, 2012

End of May 2012

May has been been busy. We have tried to squeeze in a few more fun outdoor activities before the dead of heat sets in (which definitly has!).
 We had a bonfire with friends out at the lake. Mallory just loves these girls, Bianca and Olivia. It make me so happy to see her make friends since we are so far from her cousins.
 Kaisley enjoyed the bonfire too! She loves being outside.
 Went and played "putt putt" with some friends. It is NOT called "miniature golf" here in Texas we have learned. After so many times of us calling it miniature golf and them looking at us funny and them calling it putt putt we finally just joined in... ha. Kaisley and Malli had fun. Malli and I were an awesome team! We won!!! :) (oh, and Porter was on our team too! :) )
 Malli's favorite part of putt putt was the little tiny pencils!
 This pic is sideways (not that it matters because you probably can't tell it is a fish anyway). ha. I am taking a cake decorating class at hobby lobby. This is my first cake. Not too grand but it is fun!
 My cute little swimmer headed to swim lessons. She is the only 2 year old in her class (the rest are 3-5 years old) and she is so brave. She is a little fish!
 Look how excited she is.
 Her teacher showing her the paddle board.
 The other day I took over 19 pictures of Kaisley and every single pose was of this face. She loves to make an "O" with her lips. This is your little trademark I guess Kais! We you little bug!
 At the park.
 With sis at the park.
Look who's standin!  (as long as she has something to lean on of course :) )

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Year 1 in Texas = great experiences

Here are wayyyyy too many pictures but I think they are the best way to remember the what we have been up to the past month. Really, some days it feels like all I do is spin in circles feeding and diapering/toileting children but looking back at these pictures I realize we did actually do a few things.
 I have also been reminded this past week of how precious every moment I have with my little girls and husband are. I know that being a mother to two angels and a wife to a wonderful husband is an eternal calling and I am so grateful for everything that comes along with it. Our friends here in San Angelo just lost their 18 month old little boy in a tragic accident two days ago and I am sad to say this has made me realize how precious every moment is here on earth with our loved ones. I think Mallory wonders why I have hugged her and told her I love her so much these past few days. I just can't imagine facing such a tragedy.
It has been exactly 1 year since we moved here to Texas. We have truly been blessed this past year and have felt our Savior looking out for us along the way. Porter has successfully completed his first year of PT school! (so proud of him!), we have met wonderful people and made great friends, and we have added a new bundle of joy to our family. I can tell this year has helped us to grow and stretch in many ways and I feel we have truly been sent her for a reason. We are excited for 2 more years here and for a fun 2 month visit to Snowflake in a few weeks to see our families who we have missed sooooo much!
After the Lone Wolf 5 mile race. I think I got 4th. Can't remember... 1st in my age (I think). ha.. but it was so much fun. (afterward anyway :) )
Made these fun baby sandals for Kaisley
4 months old
4 months old. She is growing like a weed!
 We have regular "laundry parties" Mallory thinks they are great... I am just trying to talk myself into believing they are great fun too! :) Kaisley has been teething for what seems like forever! (can you tell!)
 Last minute we decided to run in a 3 mile race at the college. Porter and I brought home some goods! ha. We had our best race time yet I think and came home with an ipod, watch, water bottles, and a t-shirt! We could not believe the prizes for a little 3 mile run! ha. It was a blast running together.
 Us girls. Porter is a lucky man to have so many ladies :)
Mallory eating her flower cookie pop we made. These turned out so cute and were really easy.
The girls in their matching tutus.
 Mallory getting all set up for her tea party she had the other day. She had a few friends from the ward come over and dress up in princess dresses and have snacks. She was so excited. She totally reminded me of myself getting things all set up on the table just how she liked it before the guests arrived.
 This past Sunday one of the girls from Porter's PT class got married in Abilene so we went to that. Then we decided to stay the night and go to the zoo and chuck e cheese the next day to make a bit of a trip out of it. Here are the girls on the hotel bed. The sure do love each other. Mallory is in LOVE with hotels. haha. She was so excited!
 At the Abilene zoo with daddy.
 Kaisley hanging out at the zoo. (5 months now and the same size Mallory was at 1 year old! )
The Lion
 Eating cheetos and talking to the spider monkey. This was Mallory's favorite exhibit.
And oh.... the grass! She was rolling around on the grass like it was Christmas (or maybe she thought she was Rapunzel). I think she was just loving having some sticker free grass for once.... the grass here in San Angelo is awful!
Look at their faces! On the jet ride at ChuckECheeses.
 The ducks at the zoo.
The girls with Chuck E Cheese.

The end.