Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend! It was so much fun to have Porter home for 4 whole days and to spend so much time with family! We had Thanksgiving with the Caldwell side this year and had lots of fun. Mallory ate like a champ! :) She had so much fun playing all weekend with her cousins too. Here are lots of fun pictures.
Kase and Mallory waiting for food!
Mallory getting impatient...
At last! She loved everything!
Still eating when the boys were all finished.
The 3 kids had their own little table. It was so cute to watch them eat together. They really are growing up.
Playing... for 3 days straight!
Lined up oldest to youngest (even thought it might look youngest to oldest). Malli is the smallest of her cousins but the oldest and does a pretty good job of standing her ground with the boys.

Mallory loved having her Daddy home from work for 4 whole days!

Sweet Mal.
Playing pennyboard with Reagan.
The "Fam"

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Double Double"

"Double double" is how Mallory says "Gobble gobble" when she sees a turkey. She loves the holidays and makes them so much more fun for Porter and I. This month I have realized how truly blessed we have been. It seems that over the past few years I could always think of challenges we were facing at the time but the last few weeks I have seen so many blessings come our way that I really can't make a single complaint. Especially since Thanksgiving is just days away I have tried to recognize all of my blessings, even the little things. Here are just a few ways we have been blessed just this month:
  1. Porter has been invited for interviews at 2 Physical Therapy schools. One in Glendale and one in Connecticut!!! (we are still waiting to hear from 8 more schools)
  2. I had a great job really just fall into my lap. My friend suggested my name to her boss back in June and I was just contacted this month to start work, which is such good timing since I don't nurse Mallory in the day anymore and we have family around to help watch her. I really couldn't have a more perfect job. I am doing nutrition consulting for the Head Start Program in Snowflake, Holbrook, and Winslow. I can set my own hours and do a lot of work from home and it is not very many hours.
  3. Mallory was sick and I swear after praying for her to get better she perks right up!
  4. We found out that NPC was not offering the last class Porter needed (which they offered last Spring). I searched every online school in the nation and all community colleges in AZ for an online physics course and no one offered it. We were stressing about how Porter was going to get this last class. We prayed and prayed, then the next day NPC called and suggested a list of schools for me to look at. I had checked all of the schools they suggested but 3 and one of them had it online! Sounds like a small thing but this was a huge deal for us so he could get in to a PT school.
  5. We have a wonderful family that helps us in so many ways. Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us live with you! We love it (and hope you do too!) :)

    I could go on and on... I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father looking out for me and my little family. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spooky Stuff

Yep. Thats him... my handsome hunk! ARGGG... pirate. (Porter had to dress as a pirate for work. Don't laugh... I tried to make him a FREE pirate costume. haha.)
Mallory, with her Daddy and Greatgrandpa. Happy 85th Birthday Grandpa Miller! We love you.
 Cheese!!! Mallory making pumpking pancakes for Halloween breakfast.
 Uncle Taylor came to visit for Halloween too!
 Mallory with cousins, Brewer & Cooper just before the trick-or-treating began! She loved her bee costume and was one cute little stinger even if I say so myself!
Cute kids!