Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Activities

This weekend was so much fun.

We canned 21 cans of carrots, flour, pasta, etc with the Bonds. It actually is a lot of fun to work on food storage and it feels so good when you see the finished product.

Pictures at Bass Pro Shop:
Mallory was in awe at all of the animals. It was better than going to a museum.

Oh,... and we had to speak in Sacrament Meeting today! We are just relieved to be finished. It is amazing how you learn so much through preparing talks. I am just so grateful for the wonderful blessings we have.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

On the road again

We be racin!
Today was Ethan's Run here in Mesa. I woke up and braved it alone. Although Porter is sporting his sweet shirt in the picture below and his running number, don't be fooled. He didn't make it to the race after a "2nd degree hamstring tear" he tells me. I guess that is what church softball does to ya :) The poor little guy came home limping and looked so pathetic last night. We were pretty bummed after training for the big 10K we planned on for today but oh well. Britts family was going to come too but they are all sick so it was kind of rough going for everyone this morning.

So here I am bright and early getting pumped for my race as a loner. I ran it in 48 minutes, close to my personal best time (I can't remember my old times exactly) so I was pretty happy since this was my first time 10K-ing it since having Malli. Ahhhh.... it feels so good at the END!

Where is Waldo (I mean Domini). Porter hogging all the glory when he didn't even make it out to run today due to his injury. ha.

Kiara got us girls all signed up for the London's Run last month. It was fun to run with such good company. haha. We had a good time even though we didn't quite come through with the win :) hahaha.
It feels so good to be running in races again.
I hope you get better soon babe. It is not fun without you.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A child's laugh...

These two girls are already giggling together. Malli loves Brynlie (and Moose). I love this pictures. It portays just a few of the good laughs we get with Mallory.

I can not explain nor would I have ever understood the happiness having a child brings until now. Mallory has such a happy personality. The look in her eyes when she laughs brightens my day so much. She is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us! We love you Malli!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Elder Dayton holding the Olympic Torch!

Elder Dayton holding the Olympic Torch as it passed through his area. (He claims it is the torch although we can not see the flame:) )

Elder Dayton at Powell River

Well, I truly can not believe my little bro has been out in the mission field for over 18 months now and that he will be home in July! We have really enjoyed hearing of his experiences in British Columbia, Canada. He is currently serving in Powell River, which is an inlet off the coast of British Columbia and can only be traveled to by Ferry. He spends a lot of his time on the ocean traveling to Vancouver and the Islands. He has been able to serve in this area of Canada at an exciting time with the building of the Vancouver Temple, which is close to completion, and the 2010 Winter Olympics! In his email today he sent us some pictures. The first one is of him holding the Olympic Torch. The Torch passed through Powell River last Tuesday night and as Elder Dayton and Elder Mori watched it passed the runner yelled "Hey missionaries, do you want to hold the torch". They got this picture with the torch and Taylor even got to wear the guys Olympic jacket. Anyway, we love Taylor so much and are so grateful for his example serving the Lord. He has such an amazing testimony and his experiences are great testimony builders for us as well. We pray that he continues to have a safe, successful, and happy mission. We love you bud, keep up the good work!