Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Old friends are the best friends!

While we were in Snowflake for Christmas our old cheer squad met up for lunch. It was so much fun to reminisce and laugh about old times. We had such a good and fun group of girls and the best coach ever. (We love you Donna!) We will be "wolf sistas" forever! :)

We also had a get together with all the girls I graduated with who were in town. We ate breakfast at a new little restaurant in town. It was so much fun to catch up with each other and see all the new babies! crazy...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Missing You......

Well, I am not one to be too sappy on the blog but I just wanted to leave a post to my husband. Since the pregnancy sickness set in 7 weeks ago he has taking care of me and the house without a complaint. He has been doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything else you can think of. He has been so busy with finals and work and often times comes home to relax only to find his wife sick and not functioning much. I feel so bad that he has been going to church alone, shopping alone, running alone, everything that we used to do together. Again, he does not complain and he still treats me like a queen. On top of all that he has offered to help 2 different familiess move and offered to go to Snowflake to help my dad clean buildings since he had elbow surgery. He is always thinking of others.
So, as you can see, not only do I love Porter so much, I have relied on him a lot lately. On Friday we decided he should go to Snowflake for Christmas break to help my poor dad work who just came out of surgery. Porter was so worried about leaving his sick wife but I knew he would be bored here without work or school and I knew our families would love to have him in town a little bit longer, plus I had to work Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday so he would be so bored here at home.
Anyway, I have missed you so much Porter. I miss your smile and the way you make me laugh. You light up any day and make me so happy. Thanks for being the best husband ever. Thanks for being so willing to help anyone. You're a loved, husband, brother, son, friend, son-in-law, and brother-in-law and soon-to-be father. I miss you! The house has been so lonely without you around. (Thanks Britt and Aaron for letting me bumb over at your house today!) Can't wait to see you on Tuesday babe!!!

Thanks for the note you left on our bed Friday. I loved it!

I miss this!.....

And this! ;)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, I havn't posted for about a month now. It seems I can't bring myself to do anything above the bare minimum necessary to keep going. Pregnancy is not for the birds that is for sure. I have felt pretty dang sick but am trying to remember how blessed and happy we are for this. We had our first Dr.'s appt on Friday. It was amazing. I was pretty disappointed to find out that I am only 9 1/2 weeks along. WHAT? I was sure I was much further than that considering how long I have been sick already. I guess I will have to keep enduring :) Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to the last month, which is not much. Poor Porter has been taking care of everything, after a day of work I can't do a thing when I get home. The thought of food makes me vomit. Thanks to Mom and Britt for making us lots of little dinners! We love you guys!
I took a picture of our ultra sound. It is super blurry but you can see the little guy/girl a little bit!!! Soooo cute already :)
Here is my little tummy. I can feel a little bump already. I am in trouble at this rate but can't wait!
We went to the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights on Friday night with Britt and Aaron. They were beautiful as always and get you in the Christmas spirit!
We had our Christmas Party with Grandma and Grandpa Dayton the day after Thanksgiving. It was tons of fun!