Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas & Disneyland trip

We enjoyed Christmas so much this year. Mallory was finally old enough to really get in to all the fun the Christmas season brings. We had Christmas with the Dayton side this year and it was lots of fun to all be together again since Taylor is home from his mission this year.
We were also able to go to Disneyland. We wondered if Mallory would be too young but she sure loved every bit of it. She was trooper. We went with my parents and Taylor and Gunner came with us too. Our 3 day trip turned in to a 6 day trip though, due to the huge winter storm on our way back home. Thank you to Britt and Aaron for letting us crash at their house since we were "trapped" (as Gunner put it) there for 3 days.
We really enjoyed spending lots of time together with our loved ones. Here are a few slide shows with some pictures.