Monday, February 18, 2008

AHH! Porter's Music!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to apologize for the music. Porter updated it with some random ones. It is a little disturbing! haha. I better leave them so he doesn't get mad at me. j/k Some of them I like and he has converted me over to some of his WEIRD songs. Don't worry Porter, I love you and your randomness, don't get mad at me for posting this! :)

Marathon! Call us CRAZY!

The other day at work I learned that for every hour of exercise you will gain 2 hours of life! So, if we think we don't have time to exercise we really do! We gain time! Just a little something to think about.

Anyway, a few months ago our Sister-in-law, Kendra, mentioned that she is going to run in the Salt Lake City Marathon this April. We have always wanted to run in a marathon but have always felt too busy. We decided that we will probably NEVER feel like we have enough time to do it so why not do it NOW. Anyway, we have been training for a few months now (but is seems like forever) and we have a few more to go. The marathon is on April 19th in Salt Lake! We are getting excited but hope that we can hold up. We just feel like old fuddy duds now. We are always so wasted (tired that is :)). Haha. No fun for us! J/k It has been fun to train together. Here are a few pictures of what we went through this Saturday. When we got home from our 12 miler I had bleeding toes and we had to run through so much mud that it felt like we had 5 pound weights on each leg for a while until some of it fell of. Oh, but it is soooo much fun! (Or at least we keep telling ourselves that!)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Drive-in movie night

Saturday we went to the drive-in. It was such a nice night. We got to hang out in Porter's old stinky work truck but it was still tons of fun. Of course I couldn't sit through 2 whole movies so I fell asleep but Porter said they were good. We went with Britt, Aaron and Brynlie. Brynlie was halarious, she was so excited, I think the look on her face in this picture explains it!