Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Abilene Zoo.

On Saturday we needed to go to Abilene ( about 2 hours away ) for Stake meetings and adult session of conference. It is so different having such large stake boundries here. We are learning that we had it pretty easy in AZ! Anyway, we decided to make the trip feel like a little getaway so we decided to go early and hit the zoo and do some shopping. Mallory loved the zoo and wants to go back already. We had a good time other than it being 110 degrees!!! Thank goodness we hit the zoo first thing in the morning.
 Looking at the flamingos and she loved the alligator in the swam. She was singing to him "can't catch me, can't catch me"
 The giraffes were probably the highlight for Mallory. She was a little timid but thought it was pretty neat she got to feed them.

 This little spider monkey came right up to Mallory.

 And worst of all, my daughter LOVED the snakes. She would get right up to the glass as if they were slithering on her face and she loved every minute of it! This zoo had WAYYYYY too many snacks for Porter and I to enjoy but it Mallory was all about it. Crazy girl.
 Driving the zoo-mobile!
 Yes, I know I am huge! Only 24 weeks in the picture beleive it or not!!! haha. I am already getting bugged by everyone wondering how much longer and I tell them... a good 3 months still! haha. I just don't feel like my stomach can streatch much more but I forget how huge I got with Mallory. So, heres to getting "bigger and bigger and bigger" :)  (That is what Mallory says to me everyday. haha). Looks like this little one is growing well though right! We can't wait to meet her!!!
Check out that cute girl pose! Heading off to the ward party. She LOVES ward parties haha. funny.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breakthrough!!!! YEAH!

So proud of my big girl! She is finally potty trained!!! It was supposed to only take 3 days but ended up taking 8. (LONG 8 DAYS!!) The poor girl finally figured out how to "release" she would hold it for such a long time and get in pain. I just about gave up, then Monday afternoon there was a breakthrough! She goes great now! She tells me "Mom, just "belax"" because I always tell her to "relax"... haha. She is one funny girl. She gets so excited when her duck potty starts to sing. It is hard to believe my little girl is old enough to go in the potty but I am so proud of her and just love her little buns in her panties! :)
Mallory also had her 2 year pictures taken yesterday. She was one cute little cheese ball! Weird to think next photo shoot will be with 2 of them :) Can't wait!!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching up...

Well, over the past 3 months we have been in a bit of a whirlwind. I have been slacking on posting our happenings due to feeling sick from this pregnancy, moving, studying, etc. I guess all of my excuses are mostly over now. I am feeling better with this pregnancy but am still waiting for the day when I feel "good". Oh well, I guess I will stop waiting and just press on :).
Just before our move to Texas (in May) we went on a trip to Florida. I am just getting to posting some of the precious photos of the trip. We really enjoyed spending time together before all of the craziness set in with the move and all of our new changes and schedules. Mallory was so much fun at Disneyworld. She was NOT too young to enjoy every minute of it. Here are a few pictures.
 Minnie just wanted to dance with Mallory and ditched all the other kids. She must have thought she was as cute as we do :)
Guess who she was eyeing under the rim of her hat....
 You guessed it, Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder. She is in love with them and was fascinated!
 On the Snow White ride... Snow White is her all time fav!

 Meeting the princesses. She loved it. She was so anxious to see them, she didn't want to wait in line.

 I miss these girls! We had fun at my "going away" lunch before we moved.
My hot man and sweet baby :)  Checking out the sites of San Angelo. This is the Concho river that runs through town.
 My big 2 year old! She is one cheesy girl!
 Birthday girl waking up for her presents.
 She was pretty pleased with her gifts.
 The big reveal! She absolutely LOVES her new dollhouse. It has not left our living room table for 2 months! She loves it, not so sure if Porter and I do.... we play "dollhouse" constantly.
 With it all set up. She was pretty happy.
 Her "watermelon" cake. She actually quite liked it and was pretty happy with it. Who would have thought!
 We went to Mr. Gatti's that night to celebrate.

 At Brown's Pool here in town. It has all sorts of things to do along with Swimming. It was cheap and entertained us for the night so that was good.

 Happy 4th!!! San Angelo is very festive on the 4th. There is a military base here so you can feel the excitement around town. We enjoyed events around town, a parade, and a concert with fireworks at the river with some friends from our ward.