Tuesday, March 27, 2012

San Antonio Trip/Seaworld

This weekend we had a blast meeting my parents in San Antonio. Mallory was sooooo excited to see Grandma and Papa and so were we. We got to stay in a beautiful hotel right on the river walk and go to Sea World, the Alamo, and the San Antonio Temple. For being our first real vacation with 2 kids I would consider it a success. We were exhausted from time to time dragging all of our junk around for the kids and carrying tired kiddos around but it was so worth it. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to Texas on your spring break! We had a blast!!!!
 Mallory ready to hit the road.

Splash pad at Sea World. The weather was perfect.
 4D Sesame street show at Sea World
 Swimming at the hotel. Kaisley's first swim.
The Azul show was our favorite.
 Kaisley being soooooo good!
 Cute girl.
Porter, Malli, Mom, and Lorri on the rides :)
She loved all of the Sesame street characters and snuggled right in for hugs.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

RSV again! and St. Patricks Day!

Our big and not so fun update for the week is that my biggest worry became a reality. After calling my Dr. for 5 days concerned about my baby and them messing up her first RSV test and accidentally testing it for flu they finally re-tested her and she sure enough she has RSV again! That means Malli has had it too. These poor girls don't deserve to be sick so much. Not to mention how exhausted their parents are! Mallory is doing really well, just lots of boogies but Kaisley seems to be improving more slowly than last time. It has been nearly 2 weeks already and she still sounds pretty yucky. I think we have seen a slight improvement in her the past day or so though so I am hoping we are on the downhill. She is still sweet as ever though. The Dr. couldn't believe she got it twice in one season and thought I was crazy for telling them that I needed her to be seen because I thought that was the problem. Maybe they will listen to me from now on! Anyway, we are slowly starting to recover I think. Porter has been on Spring Break which has been a blessing to he could help out but a bit of a bummer too since we didn't get to go anywhere fun. We did enjoy each other this week though and got quite a few little projects done around here so that was nice.

Happy St. Patty's day! Mallory loved her rainbow pancakes (and no, she did not eat all of these!), green eggs and ham, and green juice. I think I will make her eggs green all the time. She loved them so much that she ate the leftovers for lunch too! They looked pretty unappetizing to us.
 These two are the best of friends. I promise they are, even though every time I get the camera to snap a picture of the two of them playing Kaisley starts to scream. She usually is a a pretty good sport and lets Mallory smother her most of the day. Notice they are not too different in size already!
 Mallory showing her rainbow she had made at home evening with our lesson and left up for the leprechaun and her trap and the pot of gold he left her at the end of the rainbow. He even left his hat behind and we found footprints! She was sooooo thrilled with it all! (Her mouth is full of chocolate in the picture as it was most of the day!) She told Porter the other day that her Mom is a little bit weird because she won't let her eat all the chocolate she wants. She says some pretty comical things.
The girls on St. Patty's Day.
My sick baby. RSV for the 2nd time in 6 weeks. Sorry baby girl! You don't deserve to go through this again!!! Get better soon!
Me sporting my sweet 3rd place medal. Ha. I ran in the Shamrock 5k here in San Angelo. I was not feeling the greatest during the run and didn't even get that great of a time but at least I placed. I can definitely tell that I am not back to my old self again yet in the running department. I blame it on having both kids sick with RSV twice since I was able to start exercising again. I guess you could say I have been a bit tired lately and not as good about getting myself out of bed to exercise in the mornings. Oh well, the babies are more important. It sure was fun to get back to a race though. I love doing them (for some weird reason).

Thursday, March 8, 2012

3 months old!

Look who is 3 months old today! She is getting so big so quick and has been such a good baby. She really brightens my day with her happy personality. Sad to say she is a little under the weather right now. I am just sick thinking of the possibility of it being RSV again. We are praying it is not that again and are hoping for a speedy recovery for this sweet girl of ours. Poor thing does not deserve another sickness!!! Here are a few pictures of her. She is now 13.5 pounds! She loves to smile and coo and has started giggling.

Sorry this next pic is upsidedown and wont rotate ????

 Mallory making a "grinch" craft in February. Ha. She just loves him though.... kinda creepy
For our FHE we did the "tangled" FHE. We all dressed in our dress up clothes like rapunzel and flynn and had a royal crab dinner to start of the night, followed by a fun lesson and game and a royal ball with dancing at the end of the night. Mallory absolutely loved it!!!!
Malli with her clover snacks we made after watching "Horton Hears a Who" (cottage cheese dyed with food coloring and celery) So easy and healthy and she gobbled them right up.