Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The good the bad and the ugly.

This week has been full of ups and downs. These girls are typically so happy and full of energy but two Thursdays ago Mallory started the rough sounding croup cough. She also started running a fever to we took her to the Dr. the next morning and he gave her a steroid shot and said she would improve with that but still have a bit of a cough for a while and to just try to keep her and Kaisley separate if possible. So... we tried and this is how things went (see picture below). 
Anyway, Mallory's fever and cough persisted for 4 long days and on that Sunday night we heard Kaisley start the dreaded cough. So, Monday morning we were back in the Dr.'s office having Kaisley looked at. Once again, Dr. said she probably had croup or a cold and to not bring her back in unless she had a fever over 101 or had more than 60 respiration's a minute without stopping. So, we went home. The two girls did not feel good to say the least but Daddy's birthday was the next day so we were excited to try to have a fun day.

 Here is Porter with his two girls. He had a great B-day and despite the kids not feeling the greatest we were so ready to get out of the house so we went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and to an Angelo State Basketball game. It was the last bit of fun we were going to be having for a while... :)

Then on Thursday I became more concerned about Kaisley. She still had not started a fever and her reparations seemed faster (at times they were 60 per minute) but then she would settle down and they would become more regular. I was still worried though and she started gagging from her long coughing spells and throw up when I would feed her. She was struggling to breathe and I called the Dr. again to see if they would see her. They said that she just had a cold that need to run its course since she did not have the fever and continuous fast breathing. So, despite my concern we went to bed Thursday night. Kaisley was worse that night and at 12:30 AM began throwing up over and over again from the coughing and was breathing super fast and her little eyes looked fearful as she panted for air saying "help me mom!" That is when I knew, I am going to take her in right now! I don't care what they keep telling me.
So... low and behold, we ended up admitted that night at about 1:30 AM. Kaisley tested positive for RSV and her chest xray showed viral pneumonia. They said, "we are going to admit her overnight", so, I was thinking we would be going home the next day.
 Well, that was NOT the case. She only progressively got worse as the time when on which they explained to me was normal because RSV usually gets worse before it gets better. Despite her being so sick she did have a few moments where she would interact and even give her mom some sweet little smiles. She is just 7 weeks old and starting all the cute little smiles.
It broke my heart to watch her go through all the poking and prodding and struggling to breathe. She had cords an IV attached to her making it difficult for me to hold and love on her and nursing was not that easy either, especially since her tummy was so unsettled from all of the mucus she was swallowing. I guess they say RSV is so bad because the mucus is soooo thick that the little ones have a hard time breathing through there narrow air passages and they have a hard time clearing it. I think that yucky mucus that was filling her lungs and clogging up her nose and throat was making her gag and throw up.
She continued on monitors to watch her reparations and breathing treatments and other than that we just had to wait for the virus to run its course.
 Then on day 3 we get the news that they had been hearing a heart murmur which is not too common at 7 weeks old so they need to run some tests to be sure she was not having any other heart problems. They did and EKG and Echo which we are still waiting on the results for. They say it could only be due to her being sick so we are crossing our fingers for that!
I hated this darn IV and was so excited when it was finally time to take it out and come home! (day 4)
We just got home and Kaisley seems better already, just being out of that hospital makes us all feel better I think. We are continuing breathing treatments here at home and she should be fine before long! I have sure been thinking about how grateful I am for all the blessings we enjoy. It is hard to recognize all the good we have until we are faced with something that stretches us. I was so exhausted since I was the one staying at the hospital day and night because she nurses and Porter was taking care of Mallory. Little Kaisley was not sleeping well and wanted held whenever she did sleep, not to mention the hospital staff were checking on her so often and running tests and treatments so it was VERY hard to rest. I remember at points wondering if I was going to be able to keep doing it. May arms were so tired and fatigued from no rest and holding her constantly. Funny though now somehow we make it through with help from family, friends, ward members, priesthood blessings, prayer, and strength from our Savior! Thanks to everyone for the love and support! We are just so happy things seem to be okay now.

p.s. we sent Mallory to AZ for the week to spend time with her grandparents there. I have been sooooo sad without her around... The house is so quite.  I love being a mother and can't wait for her to get back and for us to get to be a "normal" family again. Fun thing is, she is just fine without us and having a great time :) haha

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kaisley's Newborn Pictures

My beautiful baby girl. She was about 3 weeks old in these pictures. (Thanks Britt for helping me take them and editing some. You are the best!)

She sure does love her sister :) ha

Kaisley has been such a good baby. We love having her in our home and are grateful she is a healthy, happy girl.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kaisley's baby blessing day

On New Years Day we blessed Kaisley. She was only 3 weeks old but it was the perfect day to bless her with all of our family still in Snowflake for the holidays. We blessed her in Snowflake 10th ward which was our old ward last year before we moved to Texas and my Mom and Dad's ward. Porter gave her a special blessing and she was so good during it. She looked like a beautiful little angel in her white dress. We then had a brunch with family afterwards and it ended up being a very memorable day. Thanks to all of our family for coming to support us and Kaisley. We love you!

Before the blessing... on the way to church
The girls.
The Dayton clan.
The cousins playing games while we ate.
The Caldwell bunch.
4 generations of Caldwells.
Mallory posing up for some pictures. 
And... the special little lady on her big day.
We love you Kaisley Ruth Caldwell.

Friday, January 6, 2012


We had a great Christmas in AZ. We spend most of our time with Porter's family this year but got to spend time with my family too. We really loved seeing EVERYONE from our families after going so long without seeing anyone. It truly made Christmas great.
On Christmas Eve Santa brought Mallory a present.
And oh.... it was "sharp shoes" (high heels). Look how excited she was. She has been asking for "lots of sharp shoes" for months now.
All of the Caldwell Grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa. Christmas Eve.
Mallory only wanted dresses and sharp shoes and gloves for Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa Caldwell gave her this on Christmas Eve. She was so happy.
Daddy and "Snow White/Rapunzel" dancing.
I love this picture. Porter looks so happy to be back home with his parents. :)
Mallory giving Kaisley her Christmas gift from her.
She was so happy to get her gloves with her Cinderella dress.
Christmas day with my girls.
Now she is in her Ariel dress. This girl keeps busy with her many dresses.
Kaisley on Christmas day.
Dayton grandkids in their new pjs.
Everyone ready to indulge in our yummy shrimp boil on New Years Eve. Thanks Mom and Dad! It was sooooooo good! Even the kids liked it. (and thanks britt and aaron for contributing the lobster and crab) soooo good!