Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Well... life has been CRAZY lately. Although things have been crazy here, we did have fun in Denver last week. Here are some pics.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The sites of Alamosa.

Well, things have been busy. We are getting close to getting settled here in Alamosa. Things have been hecktic with learning a new job, a new town, getting ready for school, oh and today at church (it is our first day there and our records are not even there yet) I got called to be the primary choristor. HAHAHAHA! I can not do this!! I have the worst voice ever. Luckily it will only be for a little while they say.... hopefully that is true. I feel so overwhelemed thinking of this. Especially since tomorrow morning we head to Denver for a whole week for a training with my work and next Sunday I am suposed to be ready to go with teaching a new song to the kids. ha. It makes me laugh just to think of it.
It seems that things have been eventful with our families as well. With Gunners heart surgery, Taylor leaving on his mission last week we have all been busy. My parents got a letter from Tay yesterday and it seems that he likes it there. The last think it told my Mom was to not be sad because he is so ready and excited for his mission. I hope he still feels the same way 4 days into it!:) It has been hard on us, especially my Mom and Dad being at the house alone now but we are so glad he is where he is.
Well, we need to get packing for Denver and I need to get working on my vocals for my calling... haha... so I will just post a few pictures of Zapata Falls and the Great Sand Dunes just 30 minutes from our house here in Alamosa. We went there yesterday and it was pretty neat. Take care everyone!!! We love you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My little bro.

Well, last weekend we drove back to Snowflake again becuase we just couldn't miss my little brothers farewell. He gave a great talk and we had a luncheon after. He has more friends than anyone I have ever seen! I think will get along with the people in Canada because he is such a likable person and just a fun person to be with. His setting apart was awesome. The spirit was so strong. Taylor is getting more excited as the time gets closer for him to report (tomorrow morning!). Mom and Dad seem to be holding up pretty good too. We sure will miss him but know he is doing what is right and that this will be an awesome experience for him. We lovey ou Taylor. Good luck and God be with you til' we meet again! We will be praying for you bud!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Well, we are finally here... hoping we have made the right decision. It is nice here just so different. We already miss everyone tons but are excited for this adventure.

We moved from here..... to here...... (call us crazy)

Moving day in Gilbert. Thank you Britt, Aaron and Bryn!!!

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Taylor, and Misti and Stratton helping up move in here in Alamosa! You guys are all the best!