Sunday, October 28, 2007


Hey! Britt reminded me about my nutrition website I made when I was in school. Check it our if you need some recipe ideas.

Domini's Fun Food Helps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Excited but unsure! Basketball??

Thanks to our Bro.-in-Law Aaron, putting a good word in for Porter with one of his old B-ball coaches, who is now coaching in Colorado, Porter may have a chance to play college ball yet! We thought that chances were over for him, being out of high school for four and a half years now but I guess you never know what life can throw at you! He thought of playing at NAU but with us getting married and me being at ASU he passed up the opportunity, and now it is back and we just don't know what to do. The recruiting coach came here and watched Porter play in a church with some guys from the ward and they want to sign him! I bet they never thought they would be recruiting from a church ball game. haha. Anyway, we are flying up to Colorado next week to have the coach show us around and to check it out. It is a smaller school, 2 division, in Alamosa Colorado. We hear it is freeeeezing there but pretty. We will post how the big visit went. We are just having faith that whatever will be best for us happens. Who would have thought!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Picnic & B-ball

Well, we havn't done anything too exciting lately. We did get to go to the park with Britt, Aaron and Bryn, I had to post this picture. The sunset was beautiful! We are loving the cooler weather.
Brynlie! Yeee Haaa!
We also got to go watch Misti's first Ball tournament of the season this weekend. She did really well. It was fun to see family!

Porter "Grace" Caldwell

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Isn't Porter Graceful!! I bet you didn't know he had moves like this. I love you babe! :) Don't be mad!! hehe.