Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving. AGAIN!

Well, I guess you can never know where you will be a month from now. Porter and I have moved back to Gilbert and back into our home here just 5 weeks after we left. We NEVER expected that to happen. The past few months have been a whirlwind and super hectic. After getting settled in Colorado and getting to know the nice little town we found out that Porter's classes were not transferring from ASU like we were originally told. It seems we should have looked into this a bit better (ya think!). Anyway, after Porter talking to every department head, coach, athletic director, etc at the college no one could make his classes transfer since they did not have a program that matched up to the one he was doing here at ASU. He was told it would take between 3 1/2 and 4 years to finish, and he has already been going to school for 3 years at ASU! The whole thing just didn't seem to benefit us at all. Since our house hadn't sold yet we luckily had a place to go when we decided that we felt good about our decision to move back. We think we have FINALLY made the right decision and we feel blessed to feel peace and comfort with this decision. It all was a huge learning experience (and and expensive one) but we know that everything happens for a reason. It is amazing that in 1 week our house is pretty much put back together. It almost feels like a dream and that we never left. We were so blessed that I was able to get hired on at my old job and Porter just found a new job that he started yesterday and he starts school at ASU next week so soon we will be back to our schedules and I guess you could say we just had a very interesting 1 month vacation!

Well.. enough about that. In the midst of moving we had so many of our loved ones B-days. August is a busy month for Birthdays in our family. Gunner, Marsha, Marti, Monty, my Mom, and Brynlie. We feel like slackers in letting them know how much we love them this year with all of our own stress. We love everyone soooo much and are happy to be closer to see them all more often hopefully. Being away makes you grateful for all the little things for sure! Like, little Brynlie's and Mom's B-day party this past weekend. We had a blast at their "under the sea" party Britt hosted. She did a great job. Here are a few pics.

Oh, one more thing, our 3 year anniversary was last Wed. With everything going on we almost forgot about it. I just wanted to let you know that I love you sooo much Porter. You are my best friend! XxOooooXx

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Porter jumping the river. I love how is hands are all curled up. HAHA! You still got it babe! :)
Friday night after dinner Porter and I decided to go camping. We had got lost when we moved here and went through the most beautiful place called "Chama" so we decided to go camp there so we threw a few things in the truck and headed out. It was so beautiful and green with a river on each side of our tent. We had tons of fun. Here are some pictures. My camera was out of batteries and I was soooo mad because there were so many pretty things to take pics off. Here are a few from my cell phone that are a bit hard to see but they will have to do.