Thursday, June 26, 2008

The people we love!

Happy Birthday to Brittney Bond today!!! She is truly the BEST sister in the whole world! Today, on her birthday, she came over and cleaned my house and folded my laundry while I was at work to get it ready for someone to come see it. We have not been home fore than 5 minutes this past week and she could tell it was stressing me out that I didn't have it nice for selling it. That is just one example of how awesome my sister is. I love her to death. She is ALWAYS thinking of others. She is the kind of person that you love going clothes shopping with because the entire time she is looking for cute stuff for you instead of herself, it sounds silly but I always notice that about her. She is the best Mom and Wife and is sooo smart and creative. We love you Britt and hope you have a great day! Here is a pic of Bryn feeding you some cake this last weekend!
Yesterday was Josh DeWitt's B-day!
We love Josh! Josh is such a fun person. He is sooooo dang smart and is a great example. We love Josh and hope he had a great day even though life was crazy yesterday with Gunner and he got a bit neglected.
Little Gunner!!!
Yesterday we all had quite the scare. After Gunner's heart surgery on Monday, the Dr. thought all went well and sent him home to Snowflake Tuesday night. Yesterday morning his chest started hurting and he collapsed. He was rushed in the ambulance to ShowLow hospital. His blood pressure was 40 and he was pale as a ghost with horrible chest pain. By 1:30 he had been flown to St. Joesph's hospital in Phoenix. Porter rushed over there since the poor kid was all alone. I came a little bit after but was not much help because when I saw him I started to feel woosy and had to leave the room before I fainted. Anyway, they found that the device that was place in his heart on Monday was in crooked and had rubbed another hole in his heart. Blood was backing up in his heart and his heart could hardly pump. He was so pale and his lips purple and he felt so cold. He said his chest hurt so bad. It broke my heart to see him. The Dr.'s rushed him in to open heart surgery before Mark and Marsha could even make it up. Poor Mark and Marsha had the day from heck yesterday. The surgery was a few hours long but everything went well. They patched the holes and he is now recovering. He is in pretty bad pain since they had to break the sturnum, and move all of his ribs to get to the heart for surgery. He is one tuff boy. We love Gunner so much. He is such an amazing little boy. We are so glad that it looks like he will be fine. Keep him in your prayers, his recovery will be long and painful. We know he was watched over yesterday. Many were praying for him and he has received a few priesthood blessings over the past few days. Things like this make us realize how much we love those around us and how quick things can happen. We love you all and hope you are all well and safe!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Colorado Bound!

Well, we finally decided to move. Decision are the worst! We have been toiling over this for nearly 1 year now and it feels good to finally be moving in one direction, although things are still so uncertain. Porter's Uncle has an investor who will most likely be putting in an offer on our home this week but the chances of our lender accepting it is pretty slim (keeping our fingers crossed). We have to move in 8 days so things are going to the wire and we will definitley be taking a leap of faith. We just hope and pray that all will work out. We have already been blessed so much with Porter's scholarship and I already have a job lined up to be the nutritionist at Alamosa WIC. We are so grateful for all that the Lord has blessed us with. We are really excited for this new adventure. We know we will miss friends and especially family but at least we will only be 7 1/2 hours away. I really am hating the thought of moving away from Brittney. She is such a great sister and helps me so much. We love living right by Britt, Aaron and Bryn and will miss them soooo much! Besides all of the housing stresses and packing, we have been busy getting so spend time with both of our families, which is our favorite thing in the world! I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures this weekend but my parents came down Friday and Saturday, then Porter's parents and Monty's family came Saturday-Tuesday. We were able to shop, eat, have pizza swimming parties, and Gunner had heart surgery on Monday which went really well. He is already back home now and only has to lay low for 2 more weeks. He is a strong little guy! Here are just a few pics.

Porter changing his spark plugs.

The boys, oh so proud because the truck worked after all the repairs! Dad said it runs like a "white snake" or a "stripped ape". They call themselves P.A.L. 's autoshop. haha.

Bryn being a cowboy cheerleader!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Cabin trip

This week we were able to take a few days off to got to a cabin near Heber to have one last family trip before T-bone (Taylor) leaves for his mish in July. It was soooo much fun. I don't know if it was just a much needed relaxing vacation or if it truely was the funnest vacation ever but I loved it!!! It was so fun to live all together for a few days and laugh so hard that Taylor even fell in the hot tub one time he was laughing so hard. The boys spent most of their time fishing while us girls fished a bit and read "Twilight". And we all hot tubed, played games, colored hair, went on walks, watched movies, cooked, and ate, ate, ate! We had sooo much fun it was hard to leave this morning. We love you all so much. Taylor we will miss you. We are so lucky to have such a great little brother! See the slide show above for some fun pics!