Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Kaisley was 2 months old last week and finally fits in the some-what matching outfits I bought the girls, so I decided to do a little photo shoot of them. As always, just when I got both girls dressed and ready, Kaisley was not a happy camper. She cried through the whole thing so here are a few of the lovely pictures I captured :)
p.s. Kaisley's 2 month apt states were :
11 lbs 11 oz and 23 inches long putter her at about 70th% for both weight and height. She was only at 12th% at birth so she is really working her way up the ladder. She loves to eat! :)
Oh.. and Mallory had her first 2 tests done on her heart and both were normal. We only have her ECHO left to do on March 26th... we are praying that that one comes back fine and we are good to go with 2 healthy girls!

3 days ago it SNOWED!!! Mallory had fun trying to make snow angels in the 1/2 inch deep snow. She was covered more in mud than snow when she got up but it was fun to see snow here in San Angelo.
 Last week we decided to take Mallory to Beauty and the Beast in 3-d. She loved it (I think her face explains that!) She kept saying "It just comes right out at you!"
She is really in to getting married (oh no!) So I had to rig up a beautiful wedding gown out of garbage bags. She was pleased with the final product so I guess that is all that counts. Here is her "prince" (Porter) giving her her ring.
And last by not least, my two Valentine girls! Gotta love them!
My girl. What a great sister she has been.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

EKG and Echo result for Kaisley are in...

They show that her heart murmur was innocent. Probably due to her being sick and that she has a healthy heart! Thank goodness. Now we get to have Mallory's heart checked next week. They heard a heart murmur on her also a few weeks back and want to run some test to make sure she does not have something wrong. We need another good report on that one and we are good to go! Heart problems are all too familiar in our family. Porter's little brother, Gunner had heart surgery only a few years ago and there are a few others in the extended family with issues. We are praying for good results on her tests too.
Healthy heart...happy girl! Yay! 8 weeks old today.