Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boy oh boy........

It's a GIRL!!!!! We had our big ultrasound today. It was pretty easy to tell that our little one is a GIRL! We are so excited but a little bit surprised. At our last appointment Porter and I thought it looked like a boy and we have been thinking it was a boy since then. Shows how much we know as parents, she is outsmarting us already. It was so amazing to see all of her little organs and bones, and her little arms and legs moving like crazy. She looked really healthy which is comforting. It is still hard to beleive that Porter and I are starting our own little family! We can not wait for her to get here. My due date looks like it has moved to the 4th of July! Now the name game begins. Let us know if you have any good ideas...

My belly today, 18 1/2 weeks
Porter's belly today (he was getting jealous of all the self portraits I have been getting lately) I think he is pretty proud that he hasn't started the daddy belly to... :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Welcome Dayton!

Wohoo... he is here!!!!!!

What a cutie!

Porter preparing for fatherhood. He looks a little freaked out. haha.

We feel so blessed to have another nephew. Brittney had Dayton Jay Bond on Tuesday January 27th! He was 5 weeks early but is really healthy and Britt and Dayton were able to go home on Saturday. We had so much fun helping out with Brynlie and hanging out with family. It is such a miracle to see this new little guy join our family. He is so sweet and we already love him to death! We love you Dayton and hope you keep growing healthy and strong and that your Mom recovers quickly.
Love you guys!