Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Mommys here, Daddys here"

On Sunday night when Porter got home for his PT School interview in San Angelo, TX, Mallory was so relieved that we were all together again that she would not fall asleep. She happily chatted in her crib for a good 45 minutes saying over and over, "Mommys here, daddys here". This little one has had a crazy ride with us these past few weeks and was so happy that we were all together again and just knew that things felt right when Mommy is home and Daddy is home. I love the sweet little reminders this little gal gives me of the importance of being together forever. We have not seen each other much for the past few weeks because I went to Mesa to attend a week long Certified Lactation Educator course for a week and then just a few days after returning Porter was off to Texas. I am so grateful that my AMAZING sister was nice enough to watch Mallory for me everyday while I was in my class. I don't think I could have left her otherwise. She had lots of fun with her Aunt Britt and her cousins. Brittney was not feeling well that week and had the 3 kiddos all week by herself while trying to plan Dayton's birthday party and deal with her own kids getting sick toward the end of the week. I am so grateful for her help!
So, to say the least we have been on the road a lot and life has been super busy. It looks like it is not going to slow down for a while either. Porter has 3 more PT school interviews this month: Provo, NAU, El Paso. We are grateful though that he has so many interviews and feel so blessed.
Well, this is a random post but I have not posted for so long there is so much going on. Here are a few pictures of the past months happenings.

In the snow with Uncle Taylor.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Porter's b-day celebration went on for a week since I was not going to be home on the actual day! He got even more spoiled this way! B-day dinner at his Moms.

 The Sunday B-day dinner before Mallory and I headed off for Mesa for a week.
 We went to Chuck-e-cheese on Dayton's birthday while we were there. The kids had so much fun.

Malli doing what women do... pushing Dayton off of his new toy and she was off! Dayton was so nice to share his new powerwheels.

 Mallory and Dad braving the mound of rocks (to her it seemed like a mountain.. she is so timid). She loved seeing him again after a whole week.
 Loving the valley weather.
 Cheese !
 Dayton's "Toy Story" birthday party was a blast!!! Games, pinata, food, you name it! Thanks Britt!

Porter is a lucky man to have a B-day close to Daytons. It seems every year Brittney makes Porter a cake too. Thanks sis :)
And last but not least! The ultimate BUM WAR!!! I had not done this since I was a kid and it was so much fun, not to mention I was sweating bullets! :)
It cracks me up how Mallory is sitting and watching her parents acting like kids. She is so mature :)