Thursday, June 28, 2012

Snowflake summer, post #1

 On the road, headed for Snowflake! The girls were soooo good!
 First stop was Monty and Kendra's house. Malli and the kids had a blast dressing up and performing for us. We also got to meet their new baby Reece. She is a cutie pie.
 Then we went to the Bonds. Malli had so much fun playing in their water slide and playing everything else you could imagine.
 All of the Dayton grandkids. Welcome baby Kambree! It was so fun to see her. She is such a good baby. Seriously, never fusses! Love her already.
 Party #2 for Mallory and cake #2... haha. We celebrated in Snowflake with family last night. Malli had a good time a think.
 The fam...
 Malli kept telling me "it's perfect! You did such a good job on my cake and my cupcakes Mom". That right there made it all worth it!
 At the party with grandma.
 Kaisley with Grandma Caldwell and Misti with Dash.
 Mid-yell :)
 Think she liked her gifts :)
 Blow out the candles.
 We have had fun getting to know little Dash too (Misti and Stratton's). He is a cute little guy. I have a feeling him and Kaisley will have lots of fun together over the years.
And.... her favorite toy was her Lalaloopsy (from Grandma Zona)... We went and got her this with the money she sent. Thanks Grandma... you are the best. You made her day :)

Now off to Lake Powell and many more adventures I am sure. I am tired already but having lots of fun.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June... now we are off to AZ for the rest of summer!

Here a few pictures of June. It is the easiest and quickest way to remember what we did, hence the picture overload. It has been another busy month. We had had lots of fun so far this summer but sure are ready to get out of the heat here in Texas and get off to visiting family in the (mostly) cooler weather in Arizona. I can't believe how sad I feel at times though to think of leaving this place but knowing how much fun it will be to see family makes it all okay. Mallory can't wait to see her cousins, aunts and uncles, and Grandparents (and neither can we!). We will also get to meet Dash (Misti and Stratton's new baby), Reece (Monty and Kendra's), and Kambree (Britt and Aaron's). We are so excited!
Making homemade laundry detergent. Cost about 4 dollars and made 10 gallons! I think I will be doing this the rest of my life!
Ear piercing day. Poor baby.
But look how cute! She got over it super quick though thank goodness.
Mallory was asked to be the flower girl for our friend, Morgan's, wedding. We all went out dress shopping for the perfect dress and she sure did feel like a princess for the day. Thanks Morgan and Patti! Y'all are the best!
While shopping for dresses look who else ended up with a matching white dress. They looked soooo cute!
Kaisley trying food for the first time. I waited until 6 months, knowing that is the new recommendation but all the while feeling like she was wanting it much earlier, but, come to find out she HATES food! She has hated everything we have given her. She sobs, thrashes, and it even sends a shiver down her as she gags like it is the worst thing ever! ha. So, looks like my chunky baby is going to be the picky one. Crazy.
Oh, and in other news at her 6 month apt she was 17#12.5 oz. and 27 inches long. She is around the 77th percentile for weight and 84th percentile for height. Big girl! We sure do love her. She has been soooooo sweet lately!
 Malli hooping it up on her new basketball hoop she got a bit early for her b-day.
 Kaisley loves to stand (only if against something). She just looks so grown up standing. Crazy... Can't believe she is 6 months old!

 The cake I made for Malli's b-day. She loved it. Thank goodness because it too a lot of time and 4 cake decorating classes to accomplish!
We threw a princess b-day party for Mallory a few weeks early so she could celebrate with her new friends here before leaving for AZ. That way you double spoiled anyway, right?
Just ready for the b-day party to start.
 Cake and cupcakes
 All of the princess themed food.
Me and my "Ariel" just before the party. She was sad in this pic, I think she had just hurt herself or something. Got over it quick though when her little friends started arriving.
 Craft time.
 The punch box I made actually worked! The kids loved the little hidden surprises.
 The gang.
 Opening presents.
 Just about to gobble it all up!
 3 candles!
And last but not least, this little one has been sick again but was such a good girl through the chaos of planning and throwing the party.