Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An exciting week!!!!

#1) This week we found out my sister is pregnant with her 3rd! I would have to put this as #1 in the exciting news this week! We can not wait for another niece or nephew. We just hope she feels well through this pregnancy and no more preemies sis!!! :)  We love you guys and are so happy for you!

#2) On Friday we are going to drive over to Arlington to meet my parents and grandparents who are flying in to see us and go to the BYU football game. Thanks to Grandma Zona and Grandpa Gary for putting this trip together. We are soooo past due for a visit from family and can’t wait to see them!!!!

#3) I find out if I passed the IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) exam on Friday. It has been a long 4 months waiting for my pass/fail status. I really have no idea how I did on the test last July but it was my one and only shot at taking it before loosing all of my breastfeeding hours so, hopefully I pulled it off. Hopefully I will have good news to share soon!

Below are more pictures of us preparing for Halloween. It is so fun now that Mallory really enjoys all of the excitement that comes with holidays and I get to be a kid again with her.

 Dinner in a pumpkin
 Cat mask and cookies
 Angelo State's Homecomeing football game.
She loved the "bell" (girl ram) mascot.
Carving pumpkins

Thursday, October 13, 2011

San Antonio Trip/Seaworld

Last weekend we went on a much needed get-away to San Antonio. It is only about 3 hours from San Angelo and such a neat city to visit. We took Mallory to Seaworld and toured downtown on the river boat tour. It was so nice to get away and be able to fully enjoy each other without any distractions. We really wanted to take Mallory somewhere fun before the new baby arrives. She sure did have a good time as you can tell by the pictures.
 Waiting for the shuttle to Seaworld. Her new thing is to make fists and smile so hard when she gets excited about something. I just missed the smile in this picture but you can still she her fists... it is adorable.
 There is a new Sesame Street section of the park and she really enjoyed all the rides, splashpad, and meeting the characters.

There were a bunch of Halloween things added to the park. This was part of the "under the sea" trick or treating she did. She was amazed by the mermaids fin. She loves little mermaid so I that is why she loved it so much.
 Feeding the ducks and flamingos... We had to go back 3 more times that day to feed them. She loved it.
 SHAMU!!!! And of course.. .the shamu show was pretty neat for her. We had showed her the youtube videos of shamu and the dolphins before going so she knew just what to expect and I think that made her even more excited.
 Her face during the show. She was in awe.... :)
 The "azul" show was probably our favorite. There were dolphins, baluga whales, and acrobatic people. It was amazing.
 Again... the face during the show.
 And... Probably the highlight for her was seeing the characters of Sesame Street. She still can't believe she kissed big bird.
 Us with big bird.... Look at that belly! 31 weeks and huffing it around seaworld.. ha.
She loved seeing Elmo do the "monster mash" show but is still bumbed she didn't get to hug and kiss him.
 The river walk was so neat in downtown
Here we are on the boat tour.

 We went to the Alamo.. (didn't go in but got a pic :)
 There were waterfalls that were really pretty all along the river walk.
Here are some other pictures of Mallory last week. She is soooo into dressing up. She comes up with these lovely outfits for herself and changes into multiple outfits daily. Ha.Within a few hours she was tinkerbell,...
 and then changed into Wendy from peterpan (she thought this blue dress and bow and shoes looked like wendy's)...
She uses her new stepstoll as a table for tea parties. She looks pretty pleased with it doesn't she :) The only problem is it is tiny and she gets stuck from time to time. :) Good thing she is as tiny as she is but before long I think she will be pretty upset when she can't squeeze in to her new "table". haha.