Sunday, March 16, 2008


Life has been CRAZY busy lately with work and the marathon training getting the best of us, but when Britt and Aaron invited us to camp this weekend we couldn't pass it up. It is so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of life sometimes. Aaron knew of this really pretty camp site (discovered from one of this many scouting adventures) less than 30 minutes for our houses. It was beautiful. It was Brynlie's first camp out. She was so cute. Brittney made a yummy dutch oven dinner and then we made banana boats. Porter and Aaron are comparing their banana boats in the pics. haha. Thanks Britt and Aaron for planning all of this. We had a blast. We love you guys!


Porter's boss gave us tickets for the Coyotes Hockey game. It was a blast! I didn't think I would get so into it. haha. The Coyotes were the underdogs in this game but they actually won. We saw some pretty wild fights. Glendale Westgate area is so cool. They have the neatest water show set to music in front of the arena. Fun stuff!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS!

This past weekend was soooo much fun! Mom and Dad came to visit us and Britt, Aaron and Bryn. The highlight though, was our ward playing Aaron's ward in the Stake Championship Game on Saturday. The guys did awesome but in the end Porter's team took the win! Here are some fun pictures of the game. The FANS!!!! Who to cheer for????

Porter #4
The guys laughing about what their crazy fans are yelling. Thank goodness they are both so mellow so we could all go to dinner that night without any hard feelings! j/k :)
"Whoosh! Now I have to go run 16 miles!"

Monday, March 3, 2008

TaKe Me OuT To ThE BaLl GaMe

Porter bought tickets for us to go to the Angels vs. Cubs Spring Training game this past Saturday. It was packed! We couldn't believe that we were dying of heat stroke in March but I guess that is what you get for living in the Valley. It felt good to sit for a bit and relax after running our 16 mile run that morning. I was hobbling around the game from a sore knee and a muscle in the back of my calf popping every time I stepped and Porter was recovering from a sprained ankle from 2 days before that he ran on so we were quite the pair but that didn't get us down! Porter was like a little boy the whole time. He kept saying how it reminded him of his childhood.

Goooooo Misti!

Misti's last year of playing ball for Eastern Arizona just ended. She did awesome. We had lots of fun going to her games. Here are some pictures of her game last weekend. She had like 8 threes or something, I don't think I saw her miss. She is awesome. We love you Misti and we hope that everything works out for us to got to Adams State together!!!! Cooper and Reagan posed up sooooo cute for this picture. I loved it.