Saturday, April 30, 2011

Too many pictures!

 The night we told Mom and Dad we were expecting another little one. Porter took the picture and yelled "Domini's pregnant". Lets just say their response was a bit delayed. haha
 Porter's last day working at White Mountain Physical Therapy. Mallory and I went up to Show Low and met them all for his farewell lunch. He has loved working with these great people and we really appreciate all of their help in Porter getting in to a PT school.
 The annual Snowflake Golf Course Easter Egg Hunt!
 Mallory and her 2nd cousin Swedyn.
 Mallory with her cousins: Brynlie, Cooper, and Brewer. Gearing up for the big hunt!
 Lining up! haha
 And she's off!!! Go get those eggs Mallory!
 Then we headed off for camping. We all went camping for our last "Dayton Get-together" before we head off for Texas. We had so much fun spending time with everyone and I think the pictures show how much fun Mallory had. She is still talking about "camping".
 Moose is back for the summer and Mallory is in hog heaven! She rolls around with this dog with not a bit of fear.
 Camping crafts.
 Doesn't she look like me when I was little in those glasses! ha.
 Yes.. that is a fire roasted grub worm (compliments of Aaron) that Porter is about to eat. Why???? He says we needed the $10 Britt was going to give him. Thanks for taking care of our family babe! haha
 In it goes...
 I think the face explains this...
 Washing it down with some DP
 My little camp-a-roo...
 Making snowball bunny rabbits!

 Another egg hunt in the woods.
 These two are such good buddies (and Dayton). They all had a blast.
 Mallory ended up in my clothes by the last day. All of her clothes were filthy at that point. The cute little thing looked like a wandering orphan in my big jacket. haha.
 The fam.
 Mallory was all about the chocolate on easter morning.
 Happy Easter!
 Striking a pose!

Showing off what the Easter bunny brought.

Well, as you can see we have had lots of fun... thank goodness my meds are helping me cope a lot better since we still have a busy month coming our way. Tomorrow we head off for our Florida trip. We are in desperate need of a family trip before Porter hits the books hard again in Texas at PT school in a few weeks. I won the cruise we are going on over a year ago and we finally made time to go! We are also going to DisneyWorld and Mallory can't wait to meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider! :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our first sighting!

Here is our beautiful (little) baby number 2!!!! Why does something so tiny change us so much? All I know is we are soooo excited to meet you in about 7 months!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

week 7

Today has been one long Sunday. I am missing my little girl and hubby (since I don't have the energy to play with them).  Mallory and Porter have to stick together since I am not much fun or help. I feel useless because I am so sick. I am only 7 weeks pregnant today and am hoping I can tough it out through this or at least find a miracle cure. I find it crazy how so many women feel fine during pregnancy while others can hardly function. It helps to think of the sweet and perfect baby that is growing in me and that we will blessed to meet soon. Anyway, I will stop boobing, I just needed to vent. We are super grateful to be blessed with another child.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Verdict & Conference weekend.

And the verdict is:
San Angelo, TX!

We were sooo shocked when Porter recieved a call from Angelo State Univerity in Texas last Wednesday offering him a position in their Doctor of Physical Therapy program. He was an alternate but they decided to increase their class size and accept 4 more students! How crazy is that! On top of that surprise, they then proceeded to tell him that because his GPA was high he was going to be awarded a scholarship which included him playing in-state tuition instead of out-of-state, and $6,000 per year to help in tuition costs. So, after the scholarship the whole doctoral program will be about $8,000 plus books! I normally wouldn’t bore anyone with the numbers and money part of this but it is just crazy how cheap this program will be. It is a really great program too and fully accredited to. From what we hear San Angelo is a beautiful place to live and we can’t wait to go. The money savings is more than we could have ever dreamed of for him to become a PT. We feel sooooo darn blessed. We have to be there May 20th so we will be moving mid-May. I hate the idea of moving so far away from family (12 hours) but we are excited to get started on this adventure!

We really enjoyed last weekend relaxing and hanging with family. Monty and Kendra and their kids came to Snowflake for a visit so we had fun spending lots of time with the "Caldwell Cousins" before we move. It was so nice to hear from our church leaders and spending time with loved ones.
 Mallory showing off her new "chick" Grandma gave her.
 Her new "eyes-closed" smile.
The brothers. Oh brother!!!  :)
Silly kiddos. Mallory think she is as old as Reagan and Krew and Cooper. She likes to hang with them instead of the "babies". ha.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Love ya-all. (I am preparing to be a Texan!)