Saturday, September 29, 2012


Life is good. Just went to the relief society broadcast. Funny how the inspired words shared at those meetings can make everything seem fine that you might have just previously boobed about. Those meetings are such great reminders of who we are and how we should be. I just loved it and the ladies there. I love our ward and am so grateful we are here getting to know so many wonderful people... Anyway... here are some pictures from the past few weeks.
 Little Kaisley is 9 1/2 months old. Here is is playing at the play area at the mall. At her 9 month apt on Monday she weighed in at 20#12oz and 28.5 inches. About the 76th percentile for both. Big healthy girl! Love her so much. Her new thing is that she loves pointing at things now. It is so cute.
 Made these (fake) canvas pics... thanks to my sis and her brilliance!
 The girls all ready to take bridal photos with our friend Morgan.. Malli was asked to be the flower girl and Kaisley somehow ended up with a white dress too... They are so cute all dressed up.
 My sassy 3 year old. She is acting so much more mature. I don't know if it is her going off to school and dance on her own all the time or what. She is so much fun though. Love her to pieces.
 My 28th b-day "cake". Thanks Mallory for insisting I have a cake on my b-day. It was a nice day... not fun to get older though :)
 Malli's new best friend Sammy has been over a lot lately. They love to sad they are moving in January.
 A few of the bridals with Morgan. Precious!
 They had their little dog Eleanor there that Mallory absolutely loves so we had to take a few pics with her and the dog. You would think it is her dog the way she is smiling so big but I am sad to say we have not buckled yet... Poor girl needs a dog but I don't want to deal with one!
Malli and Morgan. Morgan and their family have been such wonderful friends to our family. Just like family here in Texas. Pretty much adopted our children in!


Tom and Amanda said...

What beautiful girls!

grandma zona said...

Surely loved all the pics and stories of what is happening with our sweet kids and grandkids. Keep them coming. Love you, Grandma Z