Thursday, September 6, 2012


Well, I think I jinxed myself saying I am feeling more ambitious and signing myself up for all sort of extra things. This past week has ended up being awful and I have felt like I spin in circles trying to deal with one issue before I can fix the first one. I am just grateful nothing is life threatening and am still so blessed in so many ways. I only am hoping for things to settle down soon!!! Please!!!!!

On a lighter note this little girl has had a great week. She absolutely loves all of her new activities. First day of Ballet and Joy School were this week and she loves them both.


Rappleye Family said...

What extra things are you signing yourself up for missy? I know Mall is doing stuff. I know you did your cake decorating. What else? Chillax :)

Summers Family said...

She's such a cutie! I hope things start to relax! Volleyball is going to be a BLAST!!!

grandma zona said...

So happy to see some new pics and of Malli going to school and dance. I know she will be the smartest one there and would love to see her dance sometime. Hope everyone is well and happy. Love, Grandma Z