Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October happenings

I find it hard to find the time to update the blog too often, so when I do it seems overwhelming and I don't know what to post. Life is just always busy. Oh well, I am trying right? We have been busy getting back into Texas life.

Porter is 4 days away from finishing his first affiliation here that the local hospital. He is there full time and has assignments in the evening so he has been super busy… He has also been participating in bike races at the college on Wednesday nights and is not doing too bad considering it is his first time and he is the only one in a t-shirt and gym shorts. I went and picked him up some sweet biking shorts so he should blend right in how! Porter just finished playing flag football too and did awesome as QB.

I have been training for a half marathon. I have been trying to squeeze my workouts in early before Porter leaves or late at night. It has been tough to fit it in to our schedule but I love the excitement of training for another race. I did the breast cancer 10K last Saturday and was so surprised to have my best time yet by far. 42:00! I got 2nd in the women and feeling great about my goal for my half marathon (in 10 days), to beat my last time 1/2 marathon time, until my knee started swelling and my right shin started shin splints. I now feel like I am hobbling around while I try to stick to my training but I am pretty determined so I hope I can make it through and still make my goal. I have also been helping teach Mallory’s joy school and enjoyed being a part of seeing her interact with other kids and learn. Oh, and some of my friends from church have been playing in a city v-ball league and we are pretty darn serious about it! Weekly practices and games! Haha. We are almost finished with the season and I have had fun trying to master the sport even though I am 28… ha.

Mallory has been loving joy school and made so many new friends since we got back. She was liking ballet as well until the teachers cat scratched her face some girls accidently hit her with their wands… ha. Hoping she gets over it soon. She is one funny girl. Loves to be tied up, tie things up, put things in cages, and lock everything up.. ha… Some weird hobby of hers I guess. She is sooo smart too. I have been doing a reading program with her and she is starting to pick up on reading! She is a good big sis and helper most of the time too

Kaisley is our little (or not so little) peanut. We love her to death. She loves animals (real or stuffed) and gets so excited and squeals and extends her legs and arms at the sight of them. She has the deepest raspy voice and Porter thinks it is because she was born in Texas. Ha. She has been pretty healthy for the past 2 months so we are crossing our fingers for that to continue through the winter. She is starting to crawl and scoot around more and cruise furniture too. We just love her and her feisty personality. She laughs all the time and her smile is just like her Daddy’s; sometimes I can’t believe how much they hold their mouths alike. So cute!

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up too

 Porter getting ready for the bike race.
 Confrence Sunday was actually really cold! It felt so nice for a change. We went an walked along the river between sessions.
 She looks pretty darn excited about the candycorn colored cupcakes doesn't she! Got an idea of a blog to do a halloween advent countdown. Malli draws a halloween prize, craft, snack, or activity each day and loves it! And I have love having some fun things planned to do with the girls. Makes the days go sooooo much better!
 Make girl. Mid clap. She loves to clap!
 10 months old now! I can't believe it!
 Crawls now too! (kind of a crawl and scoot combo but she gets around)
At the kids kingdom park. Malli loves this park. Right here is is Snow White making apple pies.
 Kaisley and Daddy on the horse carriage ride the other night down by the rivfer.
 Malli felt like a princess in this carriage.
 Malli and her new friend Brynlee went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. It was so cute and lo and behold... peter pan was there! Malli is in love with him. She things is is sooooo "handsome". ha
 Mallory and Brynlee
 Posing again.
 Little Kaiser!
They loved the little wooden jeep. Kaisley looks pretty darn pleased to be in it with the big girls.


DeWitts said...

The girls look like they are loving life. miss them so much.

i hope your knee and shin starts to feel better. i know just how you feel but i'm not giving up even if i can't walk the rest of the day.

i'm scared to play you and porter in volleyball. gunner and i better start playing so we can bet you guys when you come for christmas.

i hope you find some nice sretchy pants for porter and i hate how he is so good a everything! why didn't i get that gene. haha!

love the update, i need to do better on my blog. life is just so busy.

grandma zona said...

I love the monthly blogs to see what all is going on. Good luck on the marathon. The kids look great and having fun. Porter is working hard, so he deserves a bike race. We are doing well and we miss you. Love, Grandma Z

grandma zona said...

I love the monthly blogs to see what all is going on. Good luck on the marathon. The kids look great and having fun. Porter is working hard, so he deserves a bike race. We are doing well and we miss you. Love, Grandma Z

Rappleye Family said...

Fun! Thats still so crazy to me that you live in Texas!

Marty Dayton said...

Your family is so cute and has so much fun together. I laughed so hard at Malli's hobby of being tied up. She is such a funny girl. Makes me really miss you guys.